Tuesday, January 17, 2017


15 January 2017

Cool and wet.  8 degrees

OH birthday

Having been laid low yesterday by evil beer, I hadnt purchased a card for OH birthday. You can make me one, he announced, you have enough craft stuff.

Of course I do, I have rooms full of the stuff...  I tend to do more buying than making but nevertheless, I have recently purchased the Calming Book of Origami, full of the most beautiful papers, and some ideas of what to make.  I had thought of making a beautiful little pocket which folds out and writing Happy Birthday! in the middle.  There were 22 steps.  Perhaps something a little less challenging.  It was 8 am.  Everyone else was in bed and snoring.

I got some copy paper and attempted a walking crab.  All was going swimmingly until I got to step 8, when it became incomprehensible.  This is what my walking crab looked like.

Undeterred, I thought I would try a fish.  OH likes fish.  How the xxxx did I get beyond step 9.  I didnt.  This is what my fish looked like.

The crane!  Surely that was possible.  It wasnt.  So I tried a fox and managed to actually complete it.  Like my cooking, it didnt turn out like the picture.

I suddenly got a flash back and remembered that youngest had had an obsession with origami.  It extended to getting books on advanced origami from the library and then he would choose which one 'we' would make.  Origami is not calming.  It is bfffxdddxxx!!!xxx. It was now 9.30 and I had got through a lot of copy paper.

Sod this for a lark.  I could make a card.  I chopped up some balloon paper into balloon shapes and looked for some glue.  What I needed what was some craft glue.  All I could find was some fix everything to everything else glue.  The fumes were intense.  Dog left the room.  It didnt spread very well and I forgot to put the top back on.  I lost sense of time.  Eventually I persuaded the balloons onto the paper.  It occurred to me that the spare paper resembled a dog so I stuck that on too.  And then added some claws and an ear.  Last of all I cut out a five and an eight and then realised that I had done the five the wrong way round.  Never mind.  I stuck them on with a flourish and presented it to OH, with his Gatorgrip present and a card from his sister.

OH was rather non plussed.  Why does it say 82?  Is that a dragon?  I found his glasses and he managed to answer his own questions.  Yes and perhaps....

He opened the card from his sister.  It was a beautifully drawn fish which didnt look like someone who was on day release from a mental institution.

Curses on arty people?  He suggested.  We hate Aunty Poo. said eldest.  Curses indeed....

Went for a walk on the prom to clear my head.  The oven still isnt fixed so I dont have to make the promised lemon meringue.  

hydrangea skeletons


Edited and surreal

Fab planter

Tweaked hydrangeas

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